About Price and Payment

1. About the price
Please refer to " price " section in each product for more details.
2. The discount policy

We offer 5% discount if the total is above USD$99 . if more than 199USD ,having 10% discount. and more than USD$500 , having 15% discount. ( not include delivery cost ,tax and VAT).

If you need order more than 10,00USD or 200 pcs per style/color/size, please get in touch with our general manager

3. About loyalty discount or rewards scheme

Yes, we supply loyalty discount, we will calculate your monthly order volume. (without the shipping cost, tax and VAT). Once more than 2500USD, all the order which you place in the next month will have get 5% discount at least(every order must be more than $99 at least ,but if your order is more than $1000, you only get 5% discount but not 5+5=10 %, of course , if your order is more than $2500 , you got 10% discount), and more than 5000USD, get 10% discount at least, more than 1000US, get 15% discount.

4. Our payment and bank remittance information.

We accept the paypal  payment. Small or sample order, we accept payment via .

If you don't have a PayPal account, can click the logo below to open one, then you can pay us fast, safely and easily!

5. About payment time

General Payment must be made within 3 days of order. If there is any reason to delay payment, please communicate with us first. Thank you.

6. Do you accept Visa or Credit Card ?

Sorry, we can't accept credit card directly. You can pay the money to our PayPal account by your card.

7. Do you accept Escrow ?

Escrow is accepted when you make the order on our Aliexpress Store.

8. Why is there only US price in your website? I’m not from USA how can I pay you US dollars ?

US dollar has the best negotiability in the world. Every currency can be exchanged to US dollars.

If your primary currency is not USD, you can still pay us USD in PayPal. For Western union, other currencies will be exchanged to USD then be transferred to us. For T/T, you can also pay us US dollars.

9. About Bank Payment

After you paid by Bank, please send the copy of payment information to us. We will pack your parcel at first; so when the money arrive our account, we will send it to you in time, then send tracking number to you by email.

10. Why does the amount you received is less than what I paid in Bank ?

Besides transaction fee in the bank you make transfer, also, there may be some third party Bank Charge you in the process of telegraphic transfer. If the bank in which you make payment has not business relation with our bank, then payment may be sent to a third party bank first, and then send to our bank. If this happen, the third party will charge the transaction fee from the payment, so the payment time will be longer and the amount we receive will be less than the amount you pay us.

11. Can I change the items in my paid order ?

So as not to delay your order, we cannot delete or change the item, including the color and size in the paid order unless it is out of stock. We beg your understanding.