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Chaos Project by Dani DaOrtiz (Chapter 08)

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Imaginary Memorization

The What
A deck of cards is handed to a spectator who shuffles it, then hands out groups of cards to other spectators, and they also shuffle their packets. One person remembers a card from their packet, and then shuffles back into the deck. The deck is reassembled, and the spectator shuffles the deck even further. It’s complete chaos! The performer spreads the deck face up on the table and memorizes the order of the cards. One person names their card, and the performer immediately states the position that card is in and the card immediately before it. The deck is then counted face-up on the table, and impossibly, the named card is in that exact location, and the card that was stated to precede it is also correct.

The How
The first thing that happens after you see this completely impossible effect is that Dani immediately teaches you the trick so you can perform it right away. This effect uses Dani’s incredible fishing sequence in one of the most beautifully hands-off routines you will ever perform. There is no sleight of hand, no actual memory work, and a devious little moment that does all the work for you. Don’t think that you have the secret just because you know there is some fishing involved. Watch the performance; you’ll still be fooled!

The Why
Here is where Dani breaks down the true secrets of Chaos. You will learn to play with your audience’s imagination and memory like a child’s toy. Dani introduces the Imaginary Pillars. This powerful psychology takes Timed Misdirection and false memories and combines them into the ability to pluck miracles out of complete pandemonium. Dani takes you and his on-screen students into a number of examples of how to apply this to other effects like . Learning to use your audience’s imagination in this way will allow you to involve the spectator in the trick, using them as a secret weapon against themselves.

The Chaos Project is a year-long course in learning some of the most devious methods and principles that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so deceptive. The eight lesson teaches you how to involve your spectators in a trick to do the dirty work for you. Embrace the chaos with Dani DaOrtiz in Chapter 8 of The Chaos Project.
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