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Super Vixens by Docc Hilford

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Super Vixens by Docc Hilford

EFFECT – A deck is shuffled by two subjects. You turn away while each subject cuts the deck, peeks and remembers a card. The deck is spread face down in front of you. You name BOTH cards correctly! Then slide two face down cards from the spread. THEY ARE THE PEEKED CARDS!


Could this be what real psychic ability looks like?


A standard deck of cards is handed to a pair of women subjects to shuffle as much as they wish. From here on, you don’t touch the cards again until the revelation. In fact, you turn your back to the subjects, so you can’t get a clue to even a general location of their choices. The first subject cuts the cards at her freely chosen spot and looks at the card she cut to. The deck is passed to the other subject. She cuts the deck at a different location and remembers the card she cut to. The deck is reassembled, squared and carefully placed on the table. You turn to face the audience.

Without touching the deck, you claim to know the chosen cards! You prove it with two different revelations. For one subject, you remove a single card for the first subject and set it face down on the table. She names her card and turns the single card face up.

It is the exact card she named!

For the other subject, you merely name a playing card straight out. She admits it’s the very card she has in mind!

The impossible climax is your ability to see the unseen. The second subject spreads the deck face down in a ribbon across the table. You hold her hand and move your index finger back and forth over the backs of the cards, finally coming down on one. The subject names her card again and the single card you chose from the face down spread – IS HER CARD!

1 – 2 – 3!

REMEMBER, NO CARDS WERE EVER REMOVED FROM THE DECK. Two cards were simply peeked at while your back was turned.

Look at these FEATURES:

  • The deck is shuffled by the participants.
  • You don’t see the cutting procedure.
  • The subjects just cut and look – that’s it.
  • No key cards, crimps or stacked orders.
  • There are no specially printed cards required.
  • No thick, wide or short cards used.
  • In fact, you can perform Vixen with a BORROWED DECK!
  • There are no gimmicks outside of what’s been described.
  • There are no sleight of hand moves required.
  • No forces of any kind.
  • In Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens the cards are not touched by you, EVER!
  • There’s no dealing or mathematics needed.
  • The selections are simple cuts, just what you’d expect in an actual mind reading demonstration.
  • Super Vixens is easy to learn, easy to do.
  • You can do this amazing effect right after viewing the instructional video.

The Super Vixens Collection comes with three fully explained routines:

  • Vixen
  • Super Vixens
  • Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens

The different routines will meet any performer’s demands.

Super Vixens is what’s described above.

Vixen is simpler where you merely reveal both choices, FAST.

Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens routine let’s you reveal BOTH cards WITHOUT TOUCHING THE DECK! Then, BOTH cards are revealed in the face down spread.


Docc Hilford has spent the past three years perfecting this gem. He even explains how uncooperative participants CAN’T HARM THIS EFFECT! The Super Vixens collection comes as a fully explained INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

You get over TWO HOURS of MP4 video.

You get full instructions for all routines:

  • Vixen
  • Super Vixens
  • Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens

All three routines are fully explained.

If you only do one mind reading effect with playing cards, this may be THE MOST DIRECT DEMONSTRATION OF PSYCHIC ABILITY there is!

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